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The entire world of finance revolves around technology. With this section, we give you the information and reviews you need to stay ahead of the game with the latest tech and gadgets, or just keep up to date with the many social engagements of a successful financial master of the universe.

Recent Articles

    The main findings from the Fintech Adoption Index 2017

    Fintech Adoption Index 2017 Findings from the EY Fintech Adoption Index 2017 indicate that, from being fintech products a niche competitor to a subset of the banking industry, digital consumers are being always more and more aware of the alternative banking solutions and now one-third of digitally active consumers use two or more fintech services.

    Over the past two years, the average percentage of digitally active consumers using fintech services in 2017 reached 33% across the markets evaluated. At the same time awareness of fintech services reached 84% in 2017, compared to only 62% in 2015.

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    Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s Asset Management Market Study

    Logo - FCAThe Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s recently published the results of its Asset Management Market Study and announced the package of remedies it will take forward to address the concerns identified in its interim report into the sector.

    Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive at the FCA said:

    “The asset management sector is important to the economy, managing the savings of millions of people and in the current low-

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    The fast-growing industry of data brokers and our cheap personal data

    There's a fast-growing industry in India that's called ‘data brokers’.

    These companies offer on online listings their services of selling personal data of Indian residents, i.e. residential address, phone number, email id, details of what you bought online, email ids, age, marital status, age, income, profession and much more. is all up for sale, very cheaply - for less than a rupee per person - to anyone who asks

    The price of this personal data is very cheap, less than a rupee per person.

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    Behavioural finance new tool for TD Private Wealth Management

    behavioural finance wealth manager finance advisorThe Toronto-based TD Wealth Private Wealth Management (TD Wealth PWM) launched a new technology tool, that uses 'behavioural finance',  aimed at helping the firm's financial advisors illuminate "financial blind spots" that their high-net-worth clients may have when they're making their investment decisions.

    Behavioural finance will help to prevent emotions from overriding logic in the financial decision-making process, by looking at how personality influences financial decisions. While it’s a relatively new area of study, behavioural finance is quickly gaining momentum among the academic and investment community and is now

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