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Search all jobs in the world of finance broking and trading, and find some tips from our own experience of how to actually get your new Junior Broking job.

In this page, you can find current Junior Broking jobs browsed by category.

Which of the following categories of Junior Broking jobs are your experience and skills better fit for?

AIMAlternativeBonds / Fixed IncomeCFDsCommodities
DerivativesETFsEquitiesForeign Exchange (FX)Funds Management
FuturesInsuranceMarket MakingOptionsPrivate Equity
PropertySpread BettingTechnologyFine Wine

Whatever is the category you fit more fit for your new Junior Broking jobs, we can outline the most important qualities for a junior broker from our own experience: self-discipline, be eager to learn and absorb knowledge and attitude. Furthermore, we highly suggest learning about selling and how to sell yourself. In all broking jobs, you will be selling your company image and services more than you be trading! Broking is a difficult job and always has many more applicants than positions available. Usually, all received CVs for broking jobs get heavily filtered by HR or specialist recruiters. The hired candidates are generally then the ones with the best ideas / skills / personalities from the interview process.

If you focus on the key requirement - making money - you will have a chance. It's an oft-quoted statistic that a trading seat costs a million dollars a year of overhead. So you have to demonstrate you're able to make significantly more than that. Hiring a trader is as much about cost / benefit as it is about raw talent. With a good degree from a good institution, you have demonstrated facility with the core financial / statistical / theoretical requirements and are in a good position to be mentored and moulded into the intricacies of the business. It will be very important for you to learn Excel inside out and get some skill in VBA. Know how to statistically verify a trading strategy. Think about how markets work. When you will then get to know a senior trader, begin running your ideas by him. Ask him if you can do any programming work or back-testing / research in your spare time / outside work hours. Ask questions about their business. Ask about the technology. Pick times to do this (not around market opens or closes). Make their time investment in you worthwhile. Be the best trade support person in the team by miles. Good luck with your new broking jobs search!

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