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1 Day Training Course

New for 2019, the Junior Broker team are introducing 1 day broker training courses hosted in the City of London to help those who are looking to become alternative investment brokers. These courses will teach up and coming brokers the basics of being a broker, providing expert sales training and advice and valuable industry knowledge. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll have the opportunity to sign up to junior broker roles from the many companies on our list, including those in Forex, gold, bonds and more who are looking for juniors to fill their vacancies.  For more information please call 0203 949 7299 or email us on


  • Introduction to being a broker
  • What the job of a broker involves and the expectations
  • Broker job interview tips and preparation
  • CV writing for broker jobs
  • Expert industry knowledge on the financial markets
  • Sales Training (objection handling, sales role playing and more)


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