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Style & Fashion

Look the best in the business with style tips, reviews, news and more for the fashion-forward investment broker professional. Ace that all-important first impression, discover the latest trends, and choose the perfect outfit to accentuate your best features.

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    church'sSQWherever your feet may take you they need to take you there in style and sophistication. Founded on 1st May 1973 in Northampton, Church’s is a family shoemaking business with roots dating as far back as 1674. In 1881 they were the first to produce differently shaped left and right shoes (now the industry standard), and are known today as one of the finest men’s shoemakers.

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    Burberry - Travel Tailoring

    burberrySQFor every business man their suit is their companion. With you through the business meetings, the business lunches and the early morning commute.

    Although the suit allows you to be taken seriously in the board room, and makes a good first impression at the restaurant, it can be a nuisance for travelling.

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    Thomas Pink


    thomasPinkLogoSQuareThree Irish brothers James, Peter and John Mullen created the ultra-luxury clothing business in 1984 in London. Now, Thomas Pink is a leading international luxury shirt brand with stores all over the world.

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    How to Look Good in a Suit

    howtosuitWe all know first impressions matter and as much as we like to think a confident handshake and a smile is all we need, everyone is looking at what you’re wearing.

    Many shun the suit and tie in favour of more casual apparel either for comfort or in an effort to appear more relaxed and less uptight. This is a mistake and a missed opportunity; nothing matches the instant respect and perceived credibility of a well cut suit. The suit is an especially effective tool for young businessmen who want to be taken seriously.

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