How to Dress for Success

suitWhether you are attending that all important interview for your dream broker job or it’s your 723rd Monday morning on the trading floor. One thing should be kept constant, you need to dress for success, and impress.

The business world is cut-throat. You will only get and remain in, a job if you know your stuff, work hard, and, this may come as a shock; look good.

One thing they do not teach you in school or on the job is how to dress for success. This doesn’t mean wearing a specific suit or having a particular hair cut it’s just about how you present yourself.

You do not have to be a male model to be a junior broker but to get to the top you need to present yourself well and this is easily achieved with a few simple steps.

  1. Keep it sleek. There’s little worse than an ill-fitting suit. You can spend thousands on an exclusive designer two pieces, but if it doesn’t fit you, it will look awful. Learn to optimise your body type by choosing clothing that flatters your form rather than emphasises your physical flaws. For a more detailed look into how to choose the perfect suit to suit your body shape, click here. Tailor made suits are a great option and a good investment; they are custom made to fit your body. A reputable tailor will suggest the right padding and tailoring in the suit’s shoulders, which can make your posture look good and make you (and your muscles) look well-defined. A tailor will also fit your shirts, which can help make your waist seem narrower and your shoulders broader. It’s all about choosing styles that flatter and creating an impression to be taken seriously. Remember your shirt should always be tucked in, your tie is worn neatly and properly fitted and your silhouette is sleek. There’s no room for sloppiness when it comes to business attire. You need to be on the David Beckham side of the scale, not Boris Johnson.
  2. Keep it simple. Cartoon ties are a massive no. Over use of colour and print can make your look garish and unprofessional. Opt for dark colours and simple styles. The colour of your shirt should complement your suit while the tie is the finishing touch to your overall look. Everything should work in harmony with each other to create a union of style and sophistication. Opt for solid or pinstripe suits in shades of grey (no pun intended), blue and black. Maroon is also in-vogue at the minute as well as deep browns and purples, but if you opt for these colours keep everything else minimal. Plaids and patterns can be acceptable where shirts and ties are concerned, just as long as they are subtle and well-harmonized. Opt for long-sleeve collared shirts in white, off-white, blue, black, and classy pastel colours or deep earthy tones.
  3. Keep it smart. An easy way to look the part is by accessorising well. Cufflinks, watches and a briefcase will tie your overall look together. However, avoid anything flashy and over-the-top. A watch and a wedding band should be the only pieces of jewellery on show. Get rid of visible body piercings, such as the nose or eyebrow rings, and don’t ever wear necklaces. Sporty, bulky or colourful watches should be banned and cufflinks should be elegant and subtle so steer clear from the ‘humorous’ versions. Shoes should be smart and formal. Avoid anything casual looking and anything too flamboyant.
  4. Keep groomed. What’s the use of sporting a tailored suit, an expensive watch, fine Italian shoes, and a high-end silk tie if you neglect the rules of grooming? Overlooking certain grooming details can override the effects of wearing even the slickest suit, the most expensive timepiece and the classiest shoes. Keep your hair and nails clean and well-trimmed. Keep facial hair neat and tidy. Brush and floss your teeth and keep a packet of mints with you before meetings. Wear deodorant and aftershave but don’t go overboard. Your suit and shirt should be clean and well ironed; socks should match (and should not be white). Keep your shoes clean and shiny and your briefcase should not be over-packed.
    Update your wardrobe as the fashions change. You need to look stylish whilst remaining subtle and smart and you’ll be on to a winner. Following these steps will make you look good which will boost your confidence and see you succeed in the world of business.


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