Belfort Sales Secrets: How to Sell like the Wolf of Wall Street

Belfort Sales Secrets: How to Sell like the Wolf of Wall Street

If you’ve just watched the new Martin Scorsese ‘Wolf of Wall St’ film you would’ve seen that Belfort ran boiler rooms very well, training not Harvard Finance graduates, but basically teenage street punks to be ultra-persuasive, killer closers. Netting himself circa $50 million a year.

Belfort’s morals were questionable, teaching average guys off the street how to become multi-millionaires with only a script and some brief training. However, what is unquestionable is just how amazing his sales and persuasion skills truly are. If you want to learn how to become a killer closer like the man Belfort himself, then read Belfort Sales Secrets & Tricky Tactics: How to Sell like the Wolf of Wall Street!

The book includes ‘How to create a killer first impression when meeting a potential client ‘. It details how best to showcase yourself and give the perfect presentation if you want to mesmerize your audience.

The book also gives you advice on how to get a pay raise (or anything else you desire for that matter) and the key techniques in how to ‘seal the deal’ – the art of getting want you want and closing it for complete confirmation.

Vitale also teaches you how to harness the power of straight line selling and overall, how to make a success of your life as a stockbroker.

This may seem like a textbook but it is really a handbook full of advice, inspiration and motivation. This is the bible you need to learn and cherish to get you going until you do nothing but win.

Title Belfort Sales Secrets & Tricky Tactics: How to Sell Like the Wolf of Wall Street
Author Dan Vitale
First published July 7th 2014
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Language English
Literary Awards Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Nominee for Longlist  (2014)
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