New London HR’s Podcast with Will Rostand – How I found a broker Job in 2 weeks

New London hr london broker job Senior Head-hunter of New London HR’s Milo Sevelj sits down with Will Rostand, a candidate who initially applied for a role that New London HR was recruiting for in the city of London. In this podcast, Milo asks what motivated Will to look for a broker position and what he would recommend for other jobseekers after he has successfully found a position following a coaching mentorship called the “London Broker Mentorship”.

Will explains the skills necessary to stand out in an interview and where most candidates he feels lack experience and how to build it up in a short amount of time. He goes into detail of how he had basic technical knowledge of the markets but was missing the business development skill set that a lot of employers now look for in new recruits.

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New London HR is a market leading recruitment consultancy based in London in Mayfair and in the Square Mile. They work in financial and technology markets as well as a range of other business development roles, on retained and contingent talent acquisition.

New London HR is proud of their very high success rate when it comes to high-end placements due to the bespoke nature of their service for their clients and candidates.

New London HR coaches 500 candidates per year on their online platform called the London Broker Mentorship. With examinations and online learning designed for candidates who are serious in searching for a career in financial sales, the course provides its students with the practical understanding and know-how of what a broker says in a live call within a range of financial services sectors. The course aims to give you an edge and access to some of the most established brokerages within the city of London.

New London HR “We Build Human Capital”. Get in touch with them at – 0203 371 8969

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