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Look the best in the business with style tips, reviews, news and more for the fashion-forward investment broker professional. Ace that all-important first impression, discover the latest trends, and choose the perfect outfit to accentuate your best features.

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    How to Dress for Success

    suitWhether you are attending that all important interview for your dream broker job or it’s your 723rd Monday morning on the trading floor. One thing should be kept constant, you need to dress for success, and impress.

    The business world is cut-throat. You will only get and remain in, a job if you know your stuff, work hard, and, this may come as a shock; look good.

    One thing they do not teach you in school or on the job is how to dress for success. This doesn’t mean wearing a specific suit or having a particular hair cut it’s just about how you present yourself.

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    InStitch LogoInstitchu is a beautifully designed easy-to-use website offering a new approach to shopping. Providing a stress-free, effortless experience offering you the chance to own luxury tailor-made suits without the high price tag, and without the labour intensive march around countless stores.

    The website allows you to preview the collections and purchase as you wish, offering 12 different suit types to choose from and within those categories; endless designs. Meanwhile, there is also a custom design option where you can construct your own suit from scratch; just the way you want it, to give it that extra personalised touch.

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    Paul Smith Suits

    Paul Smith LogoThe English fashion designer, Sir Paul Smith, is the successful and highly respected menswear icon, famous for his collections of clothing and accessories.

    His designs combine the classic with the quirky, allowing men to buy relatively traditional, commercially popular designs that offer a twist of individuality.

    His collections are usually identified by the multi-stripe signature strategically placed on every item, and you can often spot the icon featuring heavily on the red carpet worn by the social elite and fame hungry.

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    Suit your own body shape

    SuityourShape ImageEven if the main brands don’t seem to care about it much, still most men are not the classic ‘regular’ shape catered to on the high street for the mass market, making it a real challenge to find clothes that actually fit properly.

    However, identifying your body type and knowing what types of suits you should be going for and which styles to avoid are the first steps to suit success and the key to getting a fine fitting personal style.

    When shopping for suits, always keep in mind the fit and feel. Just because something is expensive or designer doesn’t mean it will undoubtedly fit like a dream.

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