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Style & Fashion

Look the best in the business with style tips, reviews, news and more for the fashion-forward investment broker professional. Ace that all-important first impression, discover the latest trends, and choose the perfect outfit to accentuate your best features.

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    Emmett Shirts of London

    Emmett Shirts LogoFounded in 1992 by tailor Robert Emmett, Emmett Shirts offers prestigious, well-made shirts in various hot-spots within London, with boutique stores in Eldon Street, Kings Road in Chelsea, and the iconic Jermyn Street, London’s historic home for men’s clothing.

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    The typical men's dress code for traders in London

    dress code traders LondonContrary to popular belief, Traders, especially on the buy side, do not need to dress up too much. If you have limited exposure to clients, working for example with prop trading firms or Hedge Funds, you can opt for a range from business casual dress code to dot-com/tech startup dress: a shirt with collar and chinos is the mainstream, some days a full suit without a tie, or even jeans some other days, if matched with a nice shirt and suit jacket.

    Traders working at a large bank or fund, whose role involves client facing, need to meet clients in a more formal business outfit, with a tie and a nice suit. 

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    Some fashion mistakes to avoid for a female professional look

    fashion-mistakes-featuredAfter our article about How to avoid the most common men's fashion mistakes, here are some things that female professionals should never wear:

    • Uggs. No matter how cold it is outside, don’t come into the office wearing Uggs. Replace them with: Wear leather boots instead: if you don't want to wear heels, flat boots like can actually be stylish.
    • Fanny packs went out of style way back in the 80s and in a professional environment, they'd show you have no idea of what fashion is. Replace them with: obviously, a handbag, clutch, satchel, tote, even a briefcase.
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    Autumn-Winter Men and Women Trends from London Fashion Week 2017

    london-fashion-week-logoFor the UK fashion fans, one of the most important dates on the calendar is the bi-annual London Fashion week, that took place from 17th to 21st February. 

    The famous FROWs (front rowers), as predicted, were out in full force with the veteran supermodel Naomi Campbell, the pop star Katy Perry, the actress Penelope Cruz and many other celebrities.

    London Fashion Week provides some insight about what we will be wearing next season - and more importantly what to invest in now - and while we expected to see trends that we may be unlikely to adopt come autumn (like socks and sandals - you

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