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Henarch Galleries
Reigate, SRY, United Kingdom

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Henarch Galleries Company Description:

Henarch Galleries is an established private Art Gallery & Art Advisory, based in the heart of Surrey. We specialise in collections of contemporary artworks by emerging, established & Blue Chip artists from around the globe. Founded in August 2019, we began our journey with a clear vision, which is to become one of the worlds leading independent art galleries, showcasing the very best talent from the contemporary art world.

Henarch Galleries Advisors, and our team of art curators & consultants offer a professional, personal and bespoke service to our clients from all backgrounds. We work with our clients to provide them with the knowledge, information and history of the artwork that they need, either from an investment perspective or as a collector.
Within the traditional world of art, we stand out as a dynamic and innovative company with a deep passion for this thriving market. We are dedicated to supporting the work of the artists who are part of the Henarch Galleries group, each of whom is acclaimed in their own field and we exhibit some of the most talented emerging artists in todays market.

Our aim as a company, is to continue to be able to represent the best in market artists, and present only the best possible opportunities to our clients. Whether they are looking at taking their first steps into the art market, or if they are a more established investor looking to add to their existing portfolio.

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