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Tomoka Fine & Rare
London, United Kingdom

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Tomoka Fine & Rare Company Description:

Tomoka Fine & Rare was founded on one simple vision: to make the lucrative whisky market accessible to all investors.

We are now the fastest-growing whisky company in the U.K. with an impeccable track record of delivering market-beating returns. Our fully-managed investment service takes care of every detail from sourcing top-performing whiskies and purchasing rare casks to exiting the market with a healthy profit

Our team of whisky experts love nothing more than sitting down with a fine dram and sharing their decades of experience in the whisky market with our investors and collectors. In addition to our whisky expertise, our founder Jass is joined by a board of partners made up of leading lights in the business community. Together they bring together a diverse wealth of experience and knowledge to help Tomoka grow and flourish.

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