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London, United Kingdom

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Grove Square Assets understand that knowledge and research yield more than just return’s, but also a great sense of confidence and inevitably peace of mind. Our planning is meticulous, yet our plan is simple.
Grove Square Assets’ industry connections and knowhow enable us to introduce you to a carefully selected range of artists.
Our priority is creating a safe, two-way relationship, primarily concerned with transparency and openness, that enables us to help you achieve your long-term financial goals. 
Our mission is to locate the perfect opportunities for you, whilst ensuring that your security remains paramount. Our team conducts intensive due diligence, removing the risks that novice and seasoned art investors can run afoul of. Through our network of researchers and our experienced account managers, Grove Square Assets stay two steps ahead of the market – whilst it is an impossible task to know what the future holds, we are always prepared for any eventualities that may be thrown up.
We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and constantly ask the questions that we believe should be asked, in order to completely understand all of the components related to each recommended artist.
You are our priority and that will always be the case. We operate an open-door policy in order to help you put a face to the name, we never want to remain simply as a name or voice on the end of the phone to you.
We treat our clients like we would our own family. At Grove Square Assets, we will walk you through each step of every process in detail and remain in touch and available at any time we are required. We don’t believe in ‘office hours’ and make it a point of pride that we can be reachable whenever we are required.
We understand that there is nothing worse than being left in the dark and for that reason we maintain constant communication without being intrusive.

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