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Grove Square Galleries
London, United Kingdom

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Grove Square Galleries Company Description:

Grove Square Galleries is one of the world’s leading art specialists with two advisory divisions located in London & Shanghai. Our founder George Harrison has followed in both his grandfathers & fathers’ footsteps in the fine art industry forming Grove Square Assets & Grove Square Galleries.

Our company and it’s advisors are now perfectly positioned to advise collectors across, Europe, United States, Asia & the Middle East.

The creative team are constantly viewing collections, attending exhibitions and auctions allowing our specialists to be in regular contact with clients advising them on services such as;

  • Advice on market trends
  • Administration of purchases, sales & exchanges
  • Artist representation
  • Art market reports
  • Complimentary & confidential consultations
  • Commissions (On completed transactions, payable on a sliding scale)
  • Global sourcing
  • Negotiation & bidding
  • Quality checks
  • Research & authentication
  • Valuations

We have a powerful network of contacts and sources spanning many countries and many areas of the art business. Various members of the Grove Square Galleries team have the necessary industry qualifications to add value to all client’s needs.

The specialists within the company are in regular contact with other experts so that we keep in touch with up to date scholarship, and breakthrough talent.

We often go to exhibitions with clients discussing the market, trends and artists. We always stress buying quality, and then the various aspects which contribute to value. We know specialists in many different fields of expertise in the art sector.

Today, the ‘collecting’ community no longer needs to be convinced that their money is being well spent, this is widely viewed as a given. So, in the same way you hire a financial adviser to manage your investment portfolio, and a corporate consultant to streamline your business, Grove Square will act as your personal advisor to help you decide what art, and what artists, to invest in.

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