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Building Winning Teams

Past performance in previous roles is no guarantee of future performance in a new company

What is it with recruitment and executive search and selection companies?!


The amount of frustration, hair-pulling, mistrust, and simply pure rage that we hear from our clients who have come to us bruised and battered from bad experiences with other supposed talent providers is alarming.

As an industry we have a bad tendency to promise the world and then send you candidates that do not  quite fit the brief.  Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

At Empower, we try to keep things very simple and focus on delivering only one thing: brilliantly assessing you as a company and the role scientifically using innovative recruitment methodology and technology.


We only work with start-ups, early stage and fast growing companies who use  technology, excellent business models  or service based market dominance to beat the competition.


 Why are we different?

At Empower, we believe:

The value of the investment in human capital and the income deriving from it can go down if you put it in the wrong environment.


Any recruitment firm or Head-Hunter  can find you a bum to sit on a seat but we find you the people that  will buy into your mission, vision and culture and be excited by what the technology behind your business  will achieve long term.

In short they will go the extra mile and stay the course.

We use  assessment technology and recruitment methodologies to ensure that just like the Canadian Mountie you always get your………………… erm?……. person?


So confident are we of this that we will actually guarantee they will stay with you for at least 12 months. If we get it wrong we will replace them using the whole selection process again….free of charge.

Speaking of charges we also have a cash flow positive way for you to pay us for this ground breaking talent finding service.

Want to stop hiring on looks and Cv and firing on poor culture fit?

Let’s talk 

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