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As an industry leading job board that’s been active for over 7 years now, we’ve advertised thousands of jobs for candidates and filled thousands of positions for our clients. Whilst we have always typically advertised investment broker jobs, forex trading jobs, trainee stockbroker jobs and more, we have more recently been promoting recruitment jobs on our job board. As you may know, the recruitment sector is absolutely massive (especially here in London) and creates thousands of jobs. Here we have listed a few reasons why a job in recruitment could be perfect for you.

1. You are a people person

If speaking to people all day, going to meetings and being flown off to exciting business trips abroad sounds good to you, then a job in recruitment could be perfect suited. Due to how networking and sales has advanced in the digital age, you’re not likely to be cold-calling 7 hours a day like you may find in other sales jobs, however there is a lot of networking involved that often comes from face to face meetings and LinkedIn.

2. You want to make a positive difference in people’s lives

Many recruitment consultants claim that working in recruitment is a very rewarding job. By placing people in jobs that will help people better themselves in a great career you are making a positive difference in their lives and possibly the lives of their families. If you’re a recruitment consultant dealing with the clients instead of the candidates, then you can be responsible for helping grow your client’s business by supplying them with high quality staff that will make a positive change to their workplace.

3. You enjoy making sales

As mentioned there is more to recruitment than cold calling all day every day, however the job is very sales based. You’re using your communication skills and the art of persuasion in order to get candidates to come on board with your clients, and if you enjoy the thrill and the chase of sales then a job in recruitment could be perfect for you. If you’re looking to become a better sales person, have a read of my latest article here.

4. You’re looking to earn six figures

Many consultants enjoy the high commissions that can be easily earned in recruitment. Typically, recruitment consultants will earn a third of what they bring into the company. So if they ‘bill’ £200,000 for their company across the course of the year (which can be easily achieved if you’re recruiting candidates for high paying jobs) then you can expect to earn over £70k, including your basic salary.


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£25k – £30k

OTE: £45k – £55k



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