What skills are most valued by FinTech recruitment companies?

After our long experience in helping people find out their perfect FinTech jobs, we can list some of the skills that are most searched by FinTech recruitment companies.

Fintech recruitment companies generally look for FinTech jobs for candidates who:

  • have an aptitude for technology, a lot of curiosity, passion and the idea that with that startup or project you might change the World.
  • innovators who can think outside the box.
  • Have a great ability to communicate both internally and externally.
  • Have a computer science degree, or come from a maths, physics or engineering background (however, for less technical roles, such as business analysis or project management, Fintech recruitment companies consider other degree disciplines, too).
  • Have experience with programming languages such as C++, C#, Java or Python, if someone is looking to move into a development role (however, you don’t need to be a hacker at entry level).

Fintech recruitment companies also value the following soft skills as an important asset

to be able to explain the benefits and pitfalls behind a potential technology investment, without leaving non-IT people perplexed:

  • Communication skills – whether you work with traders, brokers, business analysts or IT geeks, you’ll need to be able to explain aspects of your tech project clearly and concisely to your “user”, who could be an external client, another team within a bank, or anyone else.
  • Problem-solving ability – As you’re working at the forefront of finance, you’ll constantly be looking for new ways to make things work more efficiently and faster, manage large amounts of data and extract valuable indications and reduce risk. The key thing is being able to understand a problem, break it down into its essential elements and then find out which FinTech solution can help.
  • Teamworking skills – In FinTech jobs, you’ll be working agile, in cross-functional teams, with different people at different stages of your startup. You’ll often work under pressure and to tight deadlines to get the work finished, which means you’ll need to have a good relationship with your team members in order to make sure the work gets delivered on time, improve your KPIs and reach your goals.

FinTech recruitment

Some more skills highly valued by Fintech recruitment companies are:

  • Financial Services Expertise – gained from work experience
  • Business Analysis – Ability to analyse and translate problems in Financial Services to help technologists understand them
  • Data Analysis – Ability to slice and dice data, interpret patterns and form conclusions
  • Tech Expertise – Programming, App development, Web design – ability to build solutions through various tech tools
  • Business Development – Raising funds, relationship with VC’s and investors, Sales and Marketing
  • Recent trends also point towards Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Blockchain etc.

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