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Maidstone, KNT, United Kingdom

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CGW LTD Company Description:

A boutique investment consultation & distribution company focusing on exclusive high yielding, mid-short term opportunities for Global Introducers.

Created to provide a distribution platform for our own diligently selected and structured investment opportunities for our global network of experienced and established professional partners and agencies.

CGW was founded with the ethos of putting our global networks interest first. Driven with a passion for excellence – delivering the right opportunity into the right hands to ensure maximum penetration in a competitive market, ensuring future growth and retention of your clients, and ultimately – their wealth. All of our business is conducted in a B2B format, we never engage directly with the investors or institutions. This approach ensures there is never a conflict of interest with our business partners.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of providing pioneering and unique investment opportunities and solutions to both Institutional and Retail markets. We do this by combining our expertise in innovative financial product design and development with support from best of breed and professional business partners to bring these thought-provoking investment products to market

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