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London, United Kingdom

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Lux.Fortune Company Description:

Lux.Fortune is an independent, privately owned Forex education & signals
provider based in London. Our foundation is built upon transparency,
simplicity, & commitment.

Lux.Fortune was founded in 2017 by Simeon Dixon. Simeon embarked upon
his Forex career in latter 2014, utilising his first few years as a self-taught
Forex trader gaining experience at different financial institutions. Simeon then
decided to take his Forex trading to a professional level after gaining his
certification from the top Forex trading accredited course in the UK.

Lux.Fortune prides itself on providing each and every one of their clients with
complete transparency, an exceptional service, and strong performance.

With it being so difficult today to find a trustworthy and legitimate Forex
trading company, Lux.Fortune strive to provide a very natural and honest
approach to helping individuals learn how the Forex markets actually work,
while ensuring they consistently profit from what the market has to offer.

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