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Sutter Holding
London, LDN, United Kingdom

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Sutter Holding Company Description:

Sutter Holding has grown substantially in the in sourcing of artisanal gold from around the world. We have cultivated and perfected the arbitraging of raw gold from doré to refined bullion through seamless end to end offtake contracts. Our objective is to provide low risk investment to avid investors looking to diversify their portfolios.
We have cultivated a unique niche investment platform which gives wholesale access to the gold value chain for HNWI and institutional investors. This unique position gives us unfettered access to some of the largest readily available stocks of physical raw unrefined gold for our corporate buyers around the world. 
Our unique investment platform focuses on giving back to the communities, which we source from, through a rich community cohesion perspective. As a result, our artisanal gold supply network and financial strength has grown considerably.
Some of the advantages in our investment platform are:
  • By pre-selling the raw gold in advance, this enables us not to have time and price fluctuation constraints between purchase to sell.
  • Gold protects against the value of currencies in terms of purchasing power.
  • Currency values have fallen significantly and will continue to fall as the money supply continues to expand at record pace.
  • The value of gold goes up and down and changes with the market but is never worth nothing.
​Physical gold and its global trade is a proven safe-haven asset that has historically retained its value over millennia against inflation providing long-term protection.

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