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Mackintosh & Murphy Consultants Ltd
London, United Kingdom

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Mackintosh & Murphy Consultants Ltd Company Description:

Mackintosh and Murphy Consultants Ltd, a company registered in England with company number 11207046, whose registered office is at Bankside House, 107 Leadenhall Street, City of London EC3A 4AF headquartered in London. Currently, we are working as an introducer on behalf of bond providers in order to promote opportunities to the retail investor. We abide by and are strongly committed to the following beliefs;

Providing What’s Best For The Business;

We analyze rigorously what our customers need and present them with the most suitable solutions, the solutions which are a product of our enduring and abundant experience in the field. The options we enlighten you with are wholly unbiased and free of any influence of a locality or sector. We want the best results for our customers and we make sure to provide the best raw material for that. We give you the luxury of enjoying investment options which are only presented to the huge organizations. Our services are completely tailored for you, we consider each client as one of us and with that notion in behind our work, we provide you solutions as if we are your own personal team.

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