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The entire world of finance revolves around technology. With this section, we give you the information and reviews you need to stay ahead of the game with the latest tech and gadgets, or just keep up to date with the many social engagements of a successful financial master of the universe.

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    Hedge Funds and the deep learning artificial intelligence technology

    hedge funds deep learningWorldQuant, a quantitative investment management firm founded in 2007 with over 500 employees globally, has been sad using for small-scale trading an artificial intelligence technology called deep learning (also known as deep structured learning, hierarchical learning or deep machine learning) that loosely mimics the neurones in our brains.

    In fact, our neurones are densely interconnected in complex ways, exchanging signals to other cells and forging new connections as we learn. The power of deep learning comes from a similar non-linear, multi-layered processing of data, which

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    Possible future solutions for financial transaction monitoring problems

    financial transaction monitoringFinancial institutions, such as banks, funds and insurers rely on automated systems to fulfil their obligations for continuous transaction monitoring, in order to detect unusual transactional behaviours.

    Those monitoring systems get set up and programmed with the relevant rules, meaningful customer segmentation and adequate risk-based thresholds, dependently on the availability of up-to-date customer data, the understanding of the institution’s specific money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

    When this calibration is not effective, financial institutions get large alert volumes and

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    Do Forex robots work?


    Trading on Forex, it may be tempting to just to sit back and let a pro or an automated device do the work for you, but are Forex robots really effective?

    What is a Forex robot? It is a software application specifically created to perform trades on the Forex market through computer automation, a system that analyzes past data and tries to predict the price based on that. It has no logic to thinking about fundamentals, about sudden changes, about different unexpected events. Some robots are able to scan numerous charts and watching their movements all at the same time which is beyond human capability.

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    What have been the best financial innovations of the last 15 years?

    best financial innovationsLet's try and list what have been the best innovations to come out of the financial industry in recent times (let's say last 15 years). We're going to use the term "best" as what that drove value (profit/growth), while not being considered to have had or have a potential for substantial negative impacts, which might be introducing systemic risk or creating perverse incentives.

    Financial technology is innovating in and disrupting an expanding number of areas in the financial sector. In the trading sense, there have been multiple innovations in the area of structured finance in recent years.

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