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The entire world of finance revolves around technology. With this section, we give you the information and reviews you need to stay ahead of the game with the latest tech and gadgets, or just keep up to date with the many social engagements of a successful financial master of the universe.

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    Top 5 B2B Marketing technology trends for 2017

    marketing technology trends 2017The main Marketing technology trends for 2017 foresee organisations to begin transforming their delivery models, adopting and sometimes creating innovative technological solutions. Organisations are also likely to witness more evolution in the marketing technology space, with innovations in mainstay concepts and emergence of newer trends.

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    2017 Investment Plans of 3 top USA TV Media Agencies

    media investments plans for 2017 A new year has come: three top media agencies executives explain where will they be focusing their initiatives in 2017 and where they see the biggest opportunities.

    Laura Molen, EVP Lifestyle and Hispanic Advertising Sales Group, NBCUniversal declares:

    "We want to continue to educate the marketplace on the value of the entire NBCUniversal portfolio, particularly Telemundo where we are seeing significant momentum. 

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    Surveys show UK Internet users trust their Banks

    trust in banks young UK internet users In May 2016 Direct Marketing Association UK conducted a survey which asked if UK internet users aged 16 and up would be interested in using a service which would let them know which saving accounts offer the best rates. Nearly 60% said they would be.

    The survey also revealed that over 40% of respondents would like facial recognition to replace passwords when it comes to accessing their accounts and making bank transfers. Those UK internet users are concerned much more about security, rather than about privacy.

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    Essential Financial Apps


    We compiled a list of the essential financial apps to download on your smartphone, to be all tech-savvy and up to date with the latest trends in technology. These apps will make your work life easier and will allow you to be connected with markets and live updates wherever you are, so here we go


    Use this app to connect to conferences and meetings around the world from the comfort of your phone.

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