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Food & Drink

Check out the latest news and reviews of the hottest places to be seen. Find the trendiest bars and clubs to party away your commission, along with the best restaurants in town to impress your clients and land that sale.

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    Rango's hot stone steak Restaurant in London

    rangos-logo-featuredEver since prehistory, rocks have been used to cook food because of their ability to retain and emit heat. In New Zealand, Maori People still keep cooking with stones placed in a hole in the ground: this primaeval method is the choice of Rango's hot stone steak Restaurant in London.

    Your meal will be served to you on a bed of lava rock, held within the custom made recess of a bamboo board. In the purpose-built oven, the stone reaches a temperature of 260 degrees, retaining it for 40mins before starting the cooling process.

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    The Piano Works Farringdon Bar: the "House of Song"

    the-piano-works-featuredThe Piano Works Farringdon Bar is London's only non-stop live music venue, a Victorian listed warehouse venue.

    With a 400 capacity, in this live music venue, two fantastically talented pianists with the accompanying musicians only play songs requested by the audience, after you've tipped the human jukebox to request your favourite song: in the "House of Song" the audience decides the repertoire and the band will be your jukebox.

    Eating tables are available for bookings from 5 pm and are allocated a 2-hour time slot. You can choose between Steak menu (2 courses £ 25, 3 courses £ 30, including pink sparkling wine) available daily, or Brunch Manu, which is only available on Saturday from 12.00 till 16.00 - live music from 13.00.
    Thursdays to Saturdays the 2 dinner seating times are at 17.00 or 19.00

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    Circus Bar London: Restaurant & Show

    circus-bar-london-featuredCircus is a beautiful collision of cabaret restaurant and cocktail bar nestling in the heart of London’s vibrant Covent Garden. An evening at Circus will take from drinks to dining, to dancing on the tables and all with a sprinkling of glittering cabaret.

    Their Pan-Asian menu was created and overseen by Executive Chef Andrew Lassetter and it is constantly transforming with new and exciting dishes.

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    The Underground Supper Club London: also for Brunches in 2017


    For over four years the London-based catering company Basement Galley has hosted their flagship dining experience "The Underground Supper Club" in one of London's most unique venues, a decommissioned 1967 Victoria Line London Underground carriage, which is completely stationary at the Pump House Museum in Walthamstow.

    As of 2017, Basement Galley has a talented new Head Chef - Shiann Stuiver has joined them from Pollen Street Social and will be showcasing her insanely creative culinary skills at The Underground Supper Club London from March 2017.

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