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Food & Drink

Check out the latest news and reviews of the hottest places to be seen. Find the trendiest bars and clubs to party away your commission, along with the best restaurants in town to impress your clients and land that sale.

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    Kona Kai London: a Tiki Cocktail Bar in Fulham

    kona kai london 2Kona Kai London is a Polynesian inspired, Hawaiian themed cocktail bar/club located on the Chelsea-Fulham border, the South West London night out hub.

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    Archipelago Restaurant in London: a real gastronomic adventure


    If you've seen the menu, you'll know why so many people choose to visit Archipelago Restaurant in London. With exotic food never tried before, like the kangaroo, crocodile steaks and tasty worms, Archipelago Restaurant is most definitely one of London’s most exotic and unusual dining destinations.

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    Granger & Co London - Review


    granger300Fancy trying some Australian food this weekend? Why not popping into Granger & Co then?

    Granger & Co, which has three outposts in London - Clerkenwell, Notting Hill and King's Cross, is considered to be among the best restaurants in the British capital where you can taste some good, authentic Aussie delicacies.

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    The American Bar at the Savoy - Review


    The American Bar at the Savoy is a must-go place on any weekend or weekday night. Whether you want to experience their amazing cocktails or just their super tasty snacks, whether you're going solo or with friends and co-workers, this place won't disappoint you.

    Situated in the Savoy Hotel on the Strand, the bar is open everyday until midnight and
    operates on a no reservations policy

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