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    The top 7 worst job hunting tips you can receive

    job hunting tipsWhen someone's job hunting, there's a plenty of pieces of advice you will receive and read which are exactly the opposite of what you should do. Some are so general to be banal and nearly inoffensive (things like “dress nice,” and “have a LinkedIn,” or “go to career fairs”): they could be fine, but they won’t get you the job. The problem is that a ton of young job applicants thinks that the “5 simple interview tips” you can read everywhere are all they need to do to get the job: then the popular advice, which really isn’t all that bad, becomes bad advice by default.

    Today, then, we'd like to compile a list of the bad advice, the worst kind of job hunting tips you can receive, so you can be alert and aware...

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    8 tips on how to work smarter not harder

    work smarter not harderMost of us, in the beginning, work much harder than smarter. Then, experience teaches us a few (or many) tricks, and we get to learn how to save time and effort in most of our daily tasks. Today we'd like to put some of this experience already at your disposal so that you can learn how to work smarter, not harder.

      1. Train your brains constantly, the analytical as well as the creative part. Get skilled up and updated, acquire as much practical knowledge as possible, and take good care of your competences. Smart workers also understand the importance of soft skills like public speaking, sales, leadership etc., so they never miss an opportunity to develop or improve them. Smart workers know that hard work will rarely speak for itself.
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    The best things you can learn from your first job experience

    first job experienceThe first job experience is sometimes the one we may not particularly love, but which teaches us a lot of things that become very helpful later as our career progresses. Working smart has a huge competitive multiplier associated with it: there are only so many hours in a day, and doing more per unit of time is a competitive advantage.

    So, here are some of the best things you can learn from your first job experience:

      • Wear many hats. When there aren't many people to do the job, it is unreasonable to expect specialized functions for everything.
      • Learn to work independently. as far as possible, figure out how to get something
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    Inbox management best practices: how to minimise email problems

    inbox managementEmail overwhelms most of us and out-of-control inboxes are so typical. Most people either obsess over it or even fear to check it, all of which defeats its purpose as a communication tool. We need a better solution for inbox management.

    Part of the problem is that we were never given any training on email. We were just given an email address and no operating instructions. As a result, most people use it incorrectly, which escalates our frustration in our often overwhelming work days.

    The real deal behind mastering e-mail management equals mastering decision-making processes.

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