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    Boiler Room Frauds and the risks to your future associated with it

    It has been recently reported how Boiler Room Fraudsters are more and more frequently targeting students for recruitment. For this reason, it has become particularly important to be aware of what is a boiler room fraud.

    Boiler room’ fraud is an organised criminal activity that is operated by phoney brokers who cold call victims and use high-pressure selling techniques to convince the victim into buying valueless, over priced or non-existent commodities. The organised criminal groups that operate this fraud are usually based overseas and selectively target victims in the UK.

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    The Undoing Project and how behavioural economics ideas were shaped

    The Undoing Project and how behavioural economics ideas were shapedThe Undoing Project: A Friendship that Changed the World by Michael Lewis shows the way the friendship between the two gifted young psychology professors Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky laid the foundations of what we now call behavioural economics.

    Their ideas are everywhere; it’s almost impossible to find a book in the “smart thinking” section of a bookshop that doesn’t cite Kahneman and Tversky: an irony since their work highlights many of the ways in which our thinking isn’t smart at all.

    For example, they identified the “representativeness heuristic” — our tendency to make judgments by comparing an example to some mental model.

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    The 10 good habits of a successful trader

    A successful trader approaches the markets as a serious business, with tools and attitude drawn from their live trading experience that give them confidence and help them handle trades, moving forward.

    In fact, there is nothing you can do to make sure you'll succeed in every single trade: even with carefully prepared trading plans and strategies, you can’t be sure these work all the time. However, developing over time a right trading mindset will give you a higher chance to succeed in online trading.

    Here are some good habits that you can incorporate to help you become a

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    What not to write in a CV for finance jobs?

    What not to write in a CV for finance jobsWhat not to write in a CV for finance jobs is not that different from what not to write in a CV of any general discipline, but there are some specific considerations to make. First of all, let's analyse what not to write in a CV of any kind, ever, according to what mainly the employers do not want to see on a resume:


    - List every class you have ever taken: only detail the ones that are going to be relevant to the position you are applying to
    - Use elaborate colours and fonts

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