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Logo - FAQs - Media Sales ResourcesNot sure which certifications you need? Want to brush up on your sales skills? Trying to figure out what each sector means? Don’t quite understand the responsibilities of each job title? All your industry-related questions are answered right here in our careers section.

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    Using Linkedin for sales

    using linkedin for salesUsing Linkedin for sales is gaining a critical B2B tool that can make your prospecting faster, smoother and, ultimately, more profitable as a primary source of new leads and tangible revenue because you can't always wait on marketing to generate leads for you.

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    What does a broker do: a typical day

    To Do List - Careers - Media Sales Resources

    Sometimes people wonder what does a broker do: let's try and figure out a typical working day of theirs...

    What does a broker do in a typical working day surely certainly varies from company to company (inside sales, field sales, etc.) but in general line, we can try and imagine a typical one, according to ours and our colleagues and working partners' experience, in order to give a few bits of advice and tips to people interested in getting to know a bit more about junior broker jobs.

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    Top Persuasion Techniques You Should Use to Increase Your Sales

    A Man Using His Persuasion Skill to Sell His Product (in Flat Cartoon Style)

    The art of persuasion is key to a successful business transaction - it is linked to your communication skills and your ability to effectively explain what you're offering and how it benefits your client. In this article we'd like to give you some useful suggestions on how to successfully persuade your potential clients into saying “yes” way more easily, by showing you a few simple persuasion tricks and tactics. If you find yourself struggling to close a deal, well, read on, this article might be the end of your issues!

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    Powerful Words that Help you Close More Sales

    deal300The art of selling cannot be taught, it is either you have the talent or not, as it's very similar to an innate capability. Yet, broadening your perspectives and looking at alternative selling techniques and strategies than your own can sometimes help boosting your results, while giving a very good foundation to novices and graduates eager to make the first steps into the sales industry.

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