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    A typical day in an entry-level investment banker's life

    investment banker typical dayIf you want to make yourself an idea of what an entry-level banker in a finance group does, try and imagine yourself in this imaginary typical day.

    7 am Get up, take a shower, wear a suit, have your breakfast  and get to work.

    8 am Group meeting with interns, analysts and all the rest of the team up to the Managing Directors. The VPs and Executive Directors discuss new and current deals together with any issues. The group discusses the markets, what to encourage clients to do, which practices to avoid.

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    Why is there the opinion that jobs in banking/finance sector are "evil"?

    canary-wharf-arts-events-winter-lights-2017-moneyFrom Old Testament to Ancient Greeks and Romans, from Ebenezer Scrooge to Warren Buffet: why are practices of banking and investing often perceived as evil?

    Distrust of banking and finance is, unfortunately, as ancient as civilisation. The Old and New Testaments of the Bible both contain clear injunctions against charging interest on borrowed money. The conflict between landowners and rent payers and merchants and labourers were discussed already by the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

    Today, unquestionably, financial services organisations create value for the economy and working in finance can be a great career. Yet, some people have difficulties to see the secondary purpose associated with those jobs.

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    Frequently asked questions about the required skills to get a finance job

    finance-skillsIn addition to the published explanation in our F.A.Q.s of the required skills to be successful in the Citytoday we'd like to detail some of the related frequently asked questions about the necessary "hot skills" of the finance field at the moment.

    "What areas should a university student master to be successful in the future?"

    Mainly, microeconomics, quantitative analysis and applications of AI. We also strongly suggest Cross-functional skills. For example, learning accounting and marketing; enables positions as marketing controller or advising new companies on accounting issues with product marketing or development.

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    How to Write a CV for Financial Services


    A research from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) shows that the most popular employers amongst them are financial services, with investment banks and fund managers receiving a very high number of applications for every opening. The preference of graduates for investment banks was confirmed by a further survey by High Fliers Research, as well.

    Luckily, whether you're targeting your first big break in the City, or are an established player looking to advance your career, there are financial services jobs up for grabs. Anyway, even if the hiring activity may be on the up in financial services, it doesn't mean you can simply walk into a role. City jobs aren't for everyone - even those with the necessary qualifications, ambition and drive.

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